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OLIVIA - Dekinai

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Title: Dekinai       
Artist: OLIVIA
Genre: pop, rock, club (o_O?)
Format: Single
Release date: 26.07.2000
Label: Avex Trax                        
Dekinai is the song that made me fall in love with OLIVIA's music*_* It's just great. Composition, lyrics, arrangement, vocals, all are top notch. I liked the video, too. But I'll upload it later, with other OLIVIA's pvs;)
Dekinai means "I can not". The song has a very good concept. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we aren't capable of something. We fear that we fail so we just keep making excuses. But then there's always another part of us that belives we can do anything we want to. Dekinai is a dialogue between those two aspects of our personality. I would like also metion that music on Dekinai single (exept Escape the Flames) is more electronical that on OLIVIA's previous singles. OLIVIA likes to experiment with different musicgenres so it's hard to clasify her music.
B-sides are: Escape the Flames, a great rock song that later apeared on OLIVIA's debut album, Slow Mo', nice club song and remixes od Dekinai and Pass me the Sugar (yay!).
I don't understand why, but the single wasn't popular in Japan:/ OLIVIA's singles used to reach 35-30 place on Oricon chart, but Dekinai best position was #57 O_O That's so sad;_;
  1. Dekinai
  2. Escape the Flames
  3. Slow-Mo'
  4. Dekinai (Down To Floor Mix)
  5. Pass me the Sugar (Heat In Beat Mix)
Full album:megaupload link

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