Friday, February 29, 2008

OLIVIA - Dress Me Up

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Title: Dress Me Up
Artist: OLIVIA
Genre: pop, rock
Format: Single
Release date: 19.04.2000
Label: Avex Trax                                                   
First of all I must admit I just love english version of this song*_* I feel that this song was written to be OLIVIA's statement at that time. She went a long way from eurobeat dance pop-idol band member to writing her own music and lyrics. It isn't something we can see on japanese music scene every day. Dress me up about being yourself and not to let others have control over you. This time I'm not only going to write about the title song. Dress Me Up single is really good also because of it's memorable b-sides. So Beautiful is a song about appreciating what you have around you, instead of endlessly trying to be the best in everything. It's really energetic song with a strong rock tunes in it. Pass Me The Sugar is just sweet xD Well, not literally because it's more about quarelling that being lovely-dovely with your partner:P
In my opinion this one was the best out of first 4 singles OLIVIA had released until that time. No instrumentals were included... a little pitty but I think it's better to have 5 tracks single with 3 songs plus 2 english versions, that 4 tracks single and only two songs with two off vocals.
  1. Dress Me Up
  2. So Beautiful
  3. Pass Me the Sugar
  4. Dress Me Up (English Version)
  5. Pass Me the Sugar (English Version)
Full album:megaupload link

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