Saturday, June 7, 2008

Download info

I upload files on Why? Because I know my links won't expire there as long as I remember to log in once a month. Also because it's not megaupload/sendspace/rapidshare like so you won't get "all slots full"/"wait 2 hours to download again" message ;) It may be a problem when too many people are trying to download same file simultaneously, though.
4Shared is free so feel free to download as much as you want:P It would be nice to post a comment when you snag something but you absolutely don't need to.
*EDIT* Okay, so megaupload is not so bad on me these days so I decided to upload full albums and manga volumes as a mirror there. Please, don't ask about full downloads on other mirrors , I have up 32kB upload speed>_<

About large files (100mb+)
I con not upload files bigger than 100Mb so some of manga volumes or videos are uploaded in parts. If you want to get them you have to download ALL parts and then unpack first of them. It will automatically join them in a single file. I could split them with HJSplit but I think it's easier that way.

Both scanlations and raw scans are in volumes when available. So single chapters downloads will be eventually replaced by a batch files. As for raws, I only upload volumes that aren't fully scanlated in english (for those who can't wait any longer for translations xD).
I archive folders so you can simply use "Extract here" option instead of "Extract to folder".

All music I have is in mp3. Every track is seperate file so aren't forced to download whole album if you need one song. If you want full album there's megaupload mirror.

All pictures are hosted on It also includes covers in manga/music posts. Just click on them to see larger version. Generally I do not upload artbooks as archives on 4shared, sorry. I put them as a gallery so you can see the art and download single pictures you like.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for all that you do!
You have introduced me to many new artists whose work I then bought.
Is there some way we (I) can send you something to help defray the costs of hosting/uploading etc?

Thanks again!