Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maaya Sakamoto - Nikopachi -Singles collection 2-

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Title: Nikopachi -Singles collection 2-
Artist: Sakamoto Maaya
Genre: Pop
Format: Album
Release date: 30.07.2003
Label: Victor Entertainment          
To be added...
  1. Yoake no Octave
  2. Hemisphere
  3. Danielle
  4. Bike
  5. Shippo no Uta
  6. Yubiwa
  7. Ongaku
  8. Midori no Hane
  9. Shima Shima
  10. Kimidori
  11. Tune the Rainbow
  12. Toto
  13. Here
  14. Vector
  15. The Garden of Everything
  16. Gravity
Full album:megaupload link


d&jk said...

awww i cant download the garden of everything!, if i click to download the file, they send me to a blank page :S

Pompon said...

hmm... It works fine for me, but if you still can't download the song try mediafire;)

placidian said...

Thank you, i was missing a few songs that are on this collection!

Fenchu Deborah said...

Nice album :D I love it. Thank you so much :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for free download!! I search for many sites and only here can I access music! <3