Monday, March 10, 2008

OLIVIA - Synchronicity

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Title: Synchronicity
Artist: OLIVIA
Genre: pop, rock, indie
Format: Single
Release date: 06.12.2000
Label: Avex Trax                        

  1. solarhalfbreed
  2. walk on by
  3. Dear Angel
  4. Color of your Spoon
  5. Escape the Flames
  6. Dress me Up (English Version)
  7. soulmate
  8. Dekinai
  9. Grapefruit Tea
  10. crystalline
  11. liquid skies
  12. re-ACT (Album Mix)
  13. I.L.Y ~desire~ (Album Mix)
  14. Mint (Bonus Track)
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Anonymous said...

Arigato gozaimasu i've been searching for this album all over but haven't been ale to find T^T but can u plz upload in with Badongo/Mediafire ? Since when i download from 4shared the song don't work after being downloaded x.x anyway thnx for the links XD

Anonymous said...

thank you!!
the cloudy dreamer is her best works (for me)