Friday, March 14, 2008

OLIVIA - The Lost Lolli

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Title: The Lost Lolli
Artist: OLIVIA
Genre: alterative, rock
Format: album
Release date: 18.02.2004
Label: Cutting  Edge                           
I accidentaly deleted description but I will eventually redo it;_;
  1. Alone in our Castle
  2. Fake Flowers
  3. Blind Unicorn
  4. Devil's in me
  5. Celestial Delinquent
  6. Space Halo
  7. SpidERSpins(Lost Lolli Mix)
  8. 026unconscious333
  9. Under Your Waves
  10. Dreamcamp
  11. Denial
  12. Sea me(English version)
  13. Into the Stars(Live Arrangement Version)
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