Monday, September 22, 2008

OLIVIA - Trinka Trinka

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Title: Trinka Trinka
Artist: OLIVIA
Genre: rock, pop, electro
Format: Mini Album
Release date: 17.09.2008                  
Label: Avex Track

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While I'm STILL waiting for my copy from YesAsia I couldn't stop myself from hearing OLIVIA's new album ;> And I must say I didn't exepect it to be so much fun:P Just listen to the first song, Trinka Trinka screams with joy. Rain - a song that promote the album, is very good. I like all the changes between verse and bridge and chorus. Becuse is slow, yet powerful song. Collecting sparkles and Miss you are charming, I only have problems with Yoyr Smile, that some people know as Real Love. I've heard a live version of it last year and it was good but I can't get used to "Love is everywhere" singing during the chorus, it doesn't fit in my opinion._.'''
Anyway, grab this album because it's well worth it^_^
  1. Trinka trinka
  2. Rain
  3. Because
  4. Collecting sparkles
  5. Miss you
  6. Your smile
Full album:megaupload link
  1. Rain (PV)

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