Monday, June 30, 2008

Der Mond - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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(US version)
Title: Der Mond
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Genre: Artbook
Publisher: Kadokawa
Publisher (US): Viz Media                           
This artbook contents mostly pictures for Neon Genesis Evangelion series. And it's definitely not a bad thing. There are some other pics too, like Eric Clapton's album cover, Fist of Sury one and some from Nadia - Secret of Blue Water. If you wan't to have an artbook, buy this one blindly, because you won't be dissapointed;)
I love Sadamoto's artwork. I really do. Somehow he menages to make his characters look realistic but still with typical manga feel to them. And he really knows how to color sketches, it's something most shoujo artist fail to learn in their lifetime:P
You can view all the pictures here. I'll only post some sample here:

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