Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BxB Brothers

Title: BxB Brothers
Author: Ukyou Ayane
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, School Life
Status: Completed (10 volumes)
Publisher (JP): Shueisha
Scanlator: ShoujoMagic, A Willful Muse
Iizuka Sono just transferred to a new school where the reigning oddballs have their own club called "BxB Brothers" ("B" for "Baka" = "Idiot"). According to them, you make your life meaningful by doing things out of the ordinary. While Kazuhisa and Kei aren't too selective about membership, Katsumi is -- so it's just the three of them... Until Sono strikes Katsumi as an admirably unusual person, and he coerces her into becoming a Brother! The more Sono learns about the Brothership and Katsumi, the more pride she takes in being a Brother, but being the only BxB Sister has its problems. Caught between the open affection of Kazuhisa and the reserved admiration of Katsumi (with Kei taking school-wide bets on the side), all while struggling to register the club officially, it's a BxB Triangle that constantly takes on new angles!
I love this manga, it's so humorous xD

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