Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maaya Sakamoto - Hotchpotch -Singles collection-

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Title: Hotchpotch -Singles collection-
Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Genre: pop
Format: album
Release date: 16.12.1999
Label: Victor Entertainment               
To be added...
  1. Yakusoku wa Iranai
  2. Tomodachi
  3. Bokura no Rekishi
  4. Gift
  5. Kimi ni Aini Ikou
  6. Hikari no Naka e
  7. Light of Love
  8. Kiseki no Umi
  9. Active Heart
  10. Pilot
  11. Platina
  12. 24
  13. Koibito ni Tsuite
  14. Pocket o Kara ni Shite
  15. Call Your Name
Full album:megaupload link


Li said...

Hi, I found your website through an LJ community. I just wanted to let you know that I snagged this album, thanks for uploading it! I also wanted to let you know that #14 isn't working :(

Pompon said...

Thanks for letting me know^_^ I think it should work now.

The Jellybean66 said...

Happened to hear a Maaya Sakamoto song on this j-Pop station on AOL radio and I looked all over for it...finally found it and downloaded the whole album (Nikopachi)...I was hooked on her! Looked all over again for all her stuff and I couldn't find a torrent that actually had any seeders...then I found you blog...ahhhh....thank you!

placidian said...

Thank you again for all of the Maaya Sakamoto! I've been going through your selection, and filling in the many songs I was missing. =)
By the way, please feel free to plunder music at my live journal. (placidian) There might be some things you would like to try!

Max Carter said...

Found u through 4shared. Before u i browsed every search engine 4 these Maaya Sakamoto songs. Thanks a lot! Maaya's my fav artist! She has the most blissful voice ever, doesn't she. Can u suggest to me another singer like her?
I heard she's releasing another album this January.

Pompon said...

Yes, Maaya has a new album called Kazeyomi, you can hear a preview on this site:

And I don't know any other artist that has sush soothig yet strong voice. Well, maybe Dido:P

Anonymous said...

Hi, I snagged Platina :D

Judy said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Only listened to two songs from this album and got hooked instantly :D.