Thursday, March 13, 2008

OLIVIA - Internal Bleeding Strawberry

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Title: Internal Bleeding Strawberry
Artist: OLIVIA
Genre: pop, rock, indie
Format: Mini-album
Release date: 21.02.2003
Label: Cutting  Edge                              
This is the first OLIVIA's mini-album. First of four she released in a row. Internal Bleeding Strawberry has mostly songs that she wrote before. Album is almost entirely in english, Sea Me in english is just as great as in japanese and Into The Stars has a diferent text. I mean, it's not a translation, it's darker that the single one (I'm talking about lyrics) and even those shared english parts were altered a bit. Color Of Your Spoon is sung in Old Irish. There's also title erm... song. Internal Bleeding Strawberry. Hmm... it is like a preview to show you what direction OLIVIA decided to go. The ending is little spooky to me but everybody have to judge for themselves;)
Oh, and the cover for the mini-album is drawn by OLIVIa^_^
  1. Sea me
  2. solarhalfbreed
  3. Into The Stars
  4. Dress Me Up
  5. grapefruit tea
  6. Color of your Spoon
  7. internal bleeding strawberry
Full album:megaupload link

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song link! But, one thing though: The 'Color of Your Spoon' song (well this version), is not sung in Old Irish (btw, I downloaded the 4shared version). :(