Saturday, March 22, 2008

Maaya Sakamoto - Shounen Alice

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Title: Shounen Alice
Artist: Sakamoto Maaya
Genre: Pop, acoustic
Format: Album
Release date: 10.12.2003
Label: Victor Entertainment          
Shounen Alice is my favourite Maaya Sakamoto album. It's different from her previous works, Maaya definitely sound more mature on it. It is also the first that doesn't give us anime_songs_album feeling, if you know what I mean;) it is also the last one that was made in colaboration with Yoko Kanno;_; Anyway, the songs are great there. Album starts with a slow warming song about a dream: "I was an astronaut and you were a farmer" Maaya sing and it such a sweet story*_* Then we have powerful "Sora wo Miro" and this is still a begining. Shounen Alice has 14 songs that really can be played over and over again. My personal favorite is Yoru because of great mood it has, but there are many other niticable songs: Chibikko Fooku, Mahiru ga Yuki, Kingfisher Girl, Hikari Are (STOP, one more and I'll list the whole album xD) Maaya's voice is great as always - pure, strong and very pleasing. If you like pop with less electronic and real instruments give it a try and you won't regret it;)
  1. Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta
  2. Sora wo Miro
  3. Sukurappu - Wakare no Shi
  4. Makiba Alice
  5. Mahiru ga Yuki
  6. Kingfisher Girl (The Song of Wish You Were Here)
  7. Hero
  8. Yoru
  9. Call to Me
  10. Hikari Are
  11. Chibikko Fooku
  12. Park Amsterdam (The Whole Story)
  13. 03
  14. Okitegami
Full album:megaupload link


Anonymous said...

Really nice album. Thank you very much for your sharing. By the way, if i'm not wrong, it is chibikko foruku (like folk?) and not fooku.

Pompon said...

As for the title it's written ちびっこフォーク in japanese so the romanization is good. There's no ル (ru) only Fo-o-ku.
I'm glad you like Shounen Alice^_^ This is the best album Maaya has released imho (I'm not counting singles collections as they're something like "the best of" ;)).

rush said...

i found your blog when google for Hotchpotch album. But now i realize Shounen Alice is the best! Thanks!.

Hichy said...

Kyaaaa X3 ! Thanks a lot for sharing ! I'd been searching Shonen Alice for such a loooong time ! Arigato arigato arigato >w< !

And I have to agree, it's her best album.