Monday, February 25, 2008

Akuma to Love Song - Gallery

Hi, here there is my Akuma to Love Song gallery. I'll update it when I get any new/better quality pictures so stay tuned *^_^* If you want to get wallpapers at other resolutions let me know in comments.

Covers - volumes:
volume 1 cover
inner cover
volume 2 cover
inner cover
volume 3 cover
inner cover
volume 4 cover
inner cover

Color chapter covers:
Song 2
Song 5
Song 7
Song 12
Song 19
Song 22
Song 23
Song 25
Song 27
Song 30

Wallpapers (1024x768):
Wallpaper 1
(Song 1 cover)
Wallpaper 2
(Song 8 cover)
Wallpaper 3
(Song 12 cover)
Wallpaper 4
(Song 26 cover)
Wallpaper 5
(song 32 cover)


hh176 said...

arigatou for sharing! akuma to love song suki desu!! it is one of my favorite manga! the drawing is tooo beautiful!!! once again, arigatou!!(^^)/

ShiraShiki said...

akuma to LOVE SONG!!
thx a LOT for sharing!! xDD